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Our Manufacturing and Supply Programme

Expert Advice and Service

It is not only the saw mill industry, but also the woodprocessing industries which are addressed by Felde. Our sales staff in office and field service is fully conversant with all cutting problems and also familiar with construction and engineering of woodworking machinery from practical experience so that expert advice can be given to our prospects and customers. A reliable after-sales service is a matter of course for us.


Detailed literature on all product groups and also on specialties is available on application. A lively contact to the industrial users is cherished by our participation in the German LIGNA Woodworking Machinery Fair and in other important European expositions.

Circular Plate Saws

STELLARAPID Circular Saw Blades with HSS-Tipped Rakers
STANDARD Carbide Tipped High Precision Circular Saw Blades for all applications, also for cutting plastics and nonferrous metals

ELASTODUR Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blades with cooling slots
STELLADUR and DELTADUR Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blades with carbide tipped rakers for large cutting depths in solid wood

Gang Saw Blades, particularly HERCULES gang saw blades with special stripe hardchrome plating, Ti-Gang Saw Blades

Suspensions for Gang Saw Machines such as special eccentric split tab hangers, clamp ring spacers, magnetic spacers, suspension accessories

HERCULES Fully Automatic Tensioning System combined with hydraulic side pressure equipment

Wide and Narrow Band Saw Blades

Panel Irons

Thin Planer Knives of various steel alloys and carbide tipped

Security Clasps for stacks of boards, accessories for tool rooms such as anvils, hammers, saw setting pliers, grinding wheels

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Special Manufacturers of Machine Saws and Machine Knives

Suppliers to the Sawmill Industry

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